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$ 340,000



Launched as the fastest production car in the world in 1984 in a blaze of glory, Testarossa literally translates to “readhed” in Italian and refers to the car’s red-painted cam covers.

The cars were powered by a 301ci, flat 12-cylinder engine that produced 385HP. Top speed was 288kph with a 0-100kmph time of 4.8 seconds – extremely quick for the time. Power was put to the road by a 5 speed gated manual transmission and it was the last Ferrari to have the traditional “dog-leg” 1st gear- the logic being that, when racing, the driver would be primarily in 2nd or 3rd gear.

The rear mid-engine design kept the centre of gravity in the middle of the car, which increased stability and improved the car’s cornering ability and resulted in a 60:40 weight distribution.

Pininfarina was tasked by Ferrari to design a dream car for the ages. It had to have a 12-cylinder engine, be capable of 180mph, have the most luxurious fittings, yet be as practical as possible with plenty of luggage space.

The stunningly sleek body was designed in a wind tunnel for aerodynamic perfection. Lightweight aluminium throughout the body wherever stronger and heavier material was not needed.

The driver’s rear-view mirror was mounted high on the A-pillar on a stalk and was a fantastic design cue that accentuated the low-slung body.

The car went on sale in 1984 for $US 100,000 and was produced through to 1991.

As well as being a poster car for a generation, the Testarossa also became a movie and TV star, featuring most notably in the 1980’s TV series, Miami Vice.

A true supercar for its time.


The car presented here is an absolutely stunning 1985 left hand drive coupe finished in sparkling Ferrari Red with a beautiful black leather interior.

Sold new by Ferrari of Puerto Rico, it was delivered on 10th October 1985 to the President of the Intercontinental Paper Company Inc in San Juan.

The car was immediately re-sold  by the first owner (at a speculative profit) who also made an application to the Puerto Rican government for a refund of sales tax because of the quick sale!

Exported to the Port of Jacksonville, Florida, the car was sent to its new owner in Alabama where it was displayed in the Automobile Museum of the Southeast as a show piece for quite some time.

In 2006, the car was sold to its third owner in Ohio and then, ten years later, in 2016 it was sold again to a new owner in Texas.

This car has all its original books, service history and tools fully intact.

There is a Carfax report to hand that details the car’s history including service, accidents (none) and mileage at different time stamps.

Classic Motor Studio has installed a brand-new factory dual plate clutch (replaced only to comply with the Australian asbestos importation rules – nothing wrong with the original) and a rare second side mirror has been purchased and will be fitted. In addition, a major service will be completed before delivery to the new owner and brand-new tyres will be fitted.

A 1980’s poster car that adorned many a teenager’s bedroom wall, this is an Investment grade vehicle that will continue to appreciate.




BODY: Coupe

ENGINE: 4.9 litre Flat-12


TRANSMISSION: 5-speed manual

BRAKES:  4 wheel disc 

PAINT:  Ferrari Red 

TRIM: Black leather

VIN: ZFFSA17AXF0058623


MILEAGE: 23,110 miles