Barsony (Australia) Ceramics - History

Barsony Ceramics, synonymous with the production of matt black coloured ceramics from the 1950s and 1960s, was an Australian manufacturing company operated by George and Jean Barsony.

George Barsony, a sculptor from Hungary had arrived in Australia as a refugee in 1949 and shortly after, met his future wife Jean who had come to Australia from England and worked in a Sydney pottery.

Together they set up Barsony Ceramics, and the company's operations were conducted from a factory in Guildford in Western Sydney.  They also produced items under Venice and Silver Cloud, but these are rarely seen on the market.

Most Barsony products were marked, although there are some that have no markings.  The numbering system on the base indicates what the item is. 'FL' indicates figural lamp and the numbers following are the mould number. Many of the lamps are named models such as this example.

For Sale

'Hawaiian Girl' - FL-27.

Markings 'FL-27' on the base.

Lamp is in excellent condition and in working order.