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$ 64,900


The HZ Holden was produced in Australia between October 1977 and April 1980 by Holden with a variety of equipment levels and in several different body styles.

There were two special packages available based upon commercial vehicle platforms – the Sandman Ute and the Sandman Panel Van.

The Sandman concept was aimed squarely at the Aussie male youth market and proved an instant hit.

Special features included a choice of V8 engines – either 4.2 litre (253ci) or 5.0 litre (308ci)  - along with a four-headlight grille and under bumper front spoiler.

Radial Tuned Suspension (RTS) was introduced for the first time with this model, ensuring precise and predicable handling for the first time in a large Aussie car.

A three-speed manual transmission was standard with a four-speed manual or three speed Turbo- Hydromatic auto optional.

If a buyer selected every Sandman extra, the price was more than 150% of the cost of the basic HZ model.

By the end of 1979, the Sandman had lost its place in the contemporary Australian youth culture – sales orders slumped and many of the vehicles were sold with the stripes and tailgate logos deleted.

The Sandman Ute was phased out of production prior to the Panel Van, the last of which was manufactured around October 1979.


A tidy HZ Sandman Panel Van Tribute, this car rolled off the production line in March 1978.

Originally painted in Windsor Blue Metallic, this beauty has been re-sprayed in Jasmine Yellow. There are some paint issues that occurred during the preparation stage.

Somewhere along the journey she has been fitted with black bubble windows to keep out prying eyes and add a touch or retro cool.

The car retains its original high compression 253ci V8 engine (L32) and 4-speed wide ratio floor shift transmission (M20). These cars came standard with Radial Tuned Suspension (RTS).

Inside, the GST steering wheel, dash and colour coded side mirrors are intact and she sits on reproduction GTS Rally wheels. The original shifter and shifter console are both intact.

The bucket seats are in excellent condition and extremely comfortable. The door cards are new and in outstanding condition.

The rear cabin is very tidy and ready for customisation (shag pile)  if desired.

All chrome and stainless is in good condition and new front indicator assemblies have been fitted. The scuff plates are original (used) and the radio is missing.

The exhaust note is perfect for cruising along the Esplanade and really turns heads.

Surf’s up!




BODY: Panel Van

ENGINE: 253ci Holden V8

FUEL DELIVERY SYSTEM: 4 Barrell Carburettor

TRANSMISSION: 4-Speed Wide Ratio Manual

PAINT:  Jasmine Yellow

TRIM: Black Vinyl

VIN: 8N70RHL407977Z


MILEAGE: 425,478 kms