Typhoon 1929 Speed Boat Racer Model

The original Typhoon was designed in 1929 by George Crouch.  The Typhoon origin began with Edsel Ford. Edsel was an avid race boat enthusiast and wanted a new fast boat for his own personal use.

Edsel never used it as a pure racer, his primary use for the boat was as a commuter speedboat between the Ford factory and his home in Lake St. Claire.

In 1941, Ford sold it to Howard Hughes who kept it running during the war years, but soon sold it after the war. The Typhoon then went through a series of owners over the next few years ending up in Kentucky. Then in the late sixties, her current owners had her shipped from Kentucky to Seattle Washington. In the late 1960's, at Bryants Marina in Washington, the boat that was docked next to the Typhoon caught fire. The fire raged out of control, and soon engulfed the Typhoon. The Typhoon was a total loss.

This model is an amazing showpiece and would be a fantastic addition to any boardroom or for a model boat enthusiast.

Dimensions: 960mm length - 250mm widest point - 190mm highest point

The model is in excellent condition.