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The TVR Cerbera is a grand touring sports car with its name derived from Cerberus, the three-headed beast of Greek mythology that guarded the entrance of Hades.

Prior to the Cerbera, TVR purchased V8 engines from Rover and then tuned them to their own specifications. When BMW took over Rover, TVR engaged the services of race engineer Al Melling to design a V8 engine that TVR could manufacture in-house.

Melling designed a race engine with a 75-degree V8 and a flat-plane crank. The bottom-half of the engine to the heads is exactly as you would see in Formula One engines of the day.

The result was called the “Speed Eight” (official designation 'AJP8'), a 4.2 litre V8 rated at 360 hp (268 kW) and gave the Cerbera a top speed of 297 km/h (185 mph). A 4.5 litre version of the engine was later offered with 420 hp (313 kW).

The AJP8 has one of the highest specific outputs of any naturally aspirated V8 in the automotive world at 83.3 hp/litre for the 4.2 litre and 93.3 hp/litre for the 4.5 litre engine

The engine is also unusually compact for a V8 and weighed only 121 kg. The car weighs only 1,100 kg.

Ferrari didn’t have a production car that could get to 60mph as quickly as a Cerbera. The Porsche 911, Honda NSX and Nissan Skyline were all slower.

These cars have a long-travel throttle to compensate for the lack of electronic traction-control and very sharp steering. Steering was  two turns from lock to lock which made it easier for experienced drivers to maintain or regain control of the car in the event of a loss of traction.


TVR owners could order any colour they wanted and this stunning TVR Cerbera is finished in sparkling “Crystal Topaz”.

Ease yourself into the beautiful cabin and it feels like a cockpit. You are surrounded by gorgeous black and white leather with all instruments angled and focussed toward the driver – this is a true driver’s car.

Fire up the engine and get the sense you are in for a treat, the engine barks and the throttle response is instant. On the road the car demonstrates supreme  road holding and sharply responsive steering. The short throw gear box is notchy and dynamic.

The previous owner undertook an extensive restoration including  new suspension bushes, starter motor, ECU and fully adjustable shock absorbers. The car has also been treated to new trim, wheels, engine rebuild, new AP racing clutch, differential and gearbox. All parts were sourced from TVR Racing Green.

The steering wheel has engine start and stop buttons, an integrated fuel gauge, clock and air vent. This car has an after market reversing camera and there are hidden door handles, boot release and bonnet release.

A treat to drive, very rare in Australia and a real head turner.




BODY: Coupe

ENGINE: V8 - 4.2 litre

FUEL DELIVERY SYSTEM:  Electronic Fuel Injected

TRANSMISSION: Manual 5-Speed 

BRAKES:  4 Wheel Ventilated Disc Front and Rear

PAINT:  Crystal Topaz

TRIM: Black & White Leather 



CONDITION: Immaculate

MILEAGE: 36,356 km