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The Silver Shadow was introduced in 1965 and built until the 1980 model year – over the journey the model experienced over 2,000 refinements.

Each car took at least four months to build - its hand-shaped monocoque bodyshell, doors, boot, and bonnet were all made from lightweight aluminium.

Powered by 6.75 litre 16-valve V8, the engine block was made from high silicon content aluminium alloy and had aluminium alloy cylinder heads. To guarantee freedom from vibration, each of the eight pistons were weighed and matched by pairs and the engineers listened with a stethoscope for running imperfections. There were three silencers on the engine, each tuned to eliminate a different frequency.

Each car had electronic ignition, a dual exhaust with stainless-steel silencers and an Air injection system with exhaust gas recirculation. Two SU HD8 carburetors with automatic mixture enrichment and automatic choke delivered fuel to the engine. The fuel tank was specifically positioned to prevent rupture or fuel loss in an accident.

Inside the cabin was adorned in Circassian walnut. The veneers were lacquered and hand-polished to a glass-like shine and then tempered in slow ovens for longevity.

Other features included independent rear suspension with automatic levelling, anti-dive geometry, power windows, power steering, power four-wheel disc brakes, power seats and other typical Rolls-Royce refinements.


Finished in Silver Chalice this vehicle has straight lines and pops with its tinted windows contrasting the silver paint work and chrome.

Recently the seat and door trims have been re-trimmed in beige vinyl to a high standard, new black carpets have been installed including the original rear foot rests. The walnut wood veneers have been restored to as-new condition and display a deep texture and lustre. The dash is in outstanding condition and all internal door furniture appears new.

Mechanically sorted, this Rolls starts easily and has good power. Our test drive revealed excellent steering, good braking and a smooth transmission. All electrics are reported to work and the engine bay is tidy. The paint is driver quality.

A luxurious, long-distance driver quality car. Enjoy as is or take to the next level.

Previously registered in Victoria.


BODY: Sedan

ENGINE: 6.75 Litre V8


TRANSMISSION: 3-speed Automatic

BRAKES:  4-wheel Disc Brakes

PAINT:  Silver Chalice

TRIM: Beige Vinyl

VIN:  SRH18573

CONDITION: Driver - Good

MILEAGE: 70,146 miles