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The Dodge Charger was first produced in 1966 and was an effort by Chrysler to produce an upscale, upsized pony car to take on the Ford Mustang. The Charger was positioned as a more expensive and luxurious coupe aiming at the upper market segment.

1970 represented the pinnacle of the Dodge Charger and cool advertising slogans were devised including “If you’ve ever finished first, you could be Dodge material….”

The 1970 models were available with either a six or choice of eight-cylinder engines including the mighty 440ci 4BBL (375 HP) and legendary 426ci Hemi (425 HP). Both manual and automatic transmissions were available. Front disc brakes and rear drums were standard.

The car sported many new styling cues including new full-length grill and tail lamps, racing gas cap, electric headlight covers, high backed bucket seats, pistol grip Hurst shifter for manual model and cool colours including Sublime, Go Mango, Orange and Banana.

The Dodge Charger R/T “Road and Track” was the top of the line, sold for $3,711 and had a production run of 10,337 units for the model year.  Standard on the R/T was the 440ci, but for those who wanted more power, it was an additional $648 for the 426ci Hemi.

In 1970, the Hemi-powered model won the most number of NASCAR races for the year with driver Bobby Isaac logging a total of ten wins.


Imported into Australia in the late 1980’s this Dodge Charger R/T left the factory with a 440ci V8 engine backed by a 4-speed manual gearbox with pistol-grip Hurst shifter.

Professionally converted to right hand drive, at some stage the original 440ci motor was changed out to a date-correct, genuine 426ci “Street Hemi” motor with twin 4-barrel carburettors.

The combination of the 426ci Hemi with the 4-speed manual represents the highest possible mechanical specification available to Chargers at the time. The car is reported to have in excess of 400bhp at the wheels on a conservative tune.

One of the cleanest 1970 Chargers in Australia, the car has benefited from a comprehensive bodywork and mechanical restoration process over time. The paint is lustrous and deep with multiple clear coat layers over the combo of Black R/T stripes over Y1 ‘Super Yellow” duco.

This car has a black vinyl roof and the extremely rare factory electric sunroof option. The high-backed bucket seats are in excellent condition as is the carpet, door trims, dash and woodgrain. The car boasts power windows, twin exhaust system, original racing gas cap, an immaculate engine bay and sits on BF Goodrich letter tyres.

With the prohibitive replacement cost of genuine Hemi engines making a similar build impossible for the price, this is a rare opportunity to acquire one of the most iconic and best performing American muscle cars of all time.


BODY: Coupe

ENGINE: 426ci Hemi V8 

FUEL DELIVERY SYSTEM:  4 Barrel Carburettor

TRANSMISSION: 4-Speed Manual - Pistol Grip Hurst Shifter 

BRAKES:  Disc Front, Drum Rear

PAINT: Super Yellow

TRIM: Black Vinyl with Cloth Inserts

VIN: XS29UDG200238

CONDITION: Excellent

MILEAGE: 20,270 miles