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The Imperial was Chrysler’s luxury vehicle brand from 1955 to 1975 and again from 1981 to 1983. It was a separate division of Chrysler created to compete with Ford’s Lincoln and General Motor’s Cadillac divisions.

New body styles were introduced every 2 – 3 years, all had V8 engines and automatic transmissions keeping in step with the luxury car theme. Styling decisions were left in the capable hands of Virgil Exner and the famous “Forward Look” design program.

Rooflines were also lowered, the cars were sleeker, smoother and more aggressive looking.

Curved side glass was employed for the first time in the U.S. and there were 3 levels of trim - standard Imperial Custom, mid-range Imperial Crown and top-of-the-line Imperial LeBaron.

Exner and his team propelled the company to the forefront of design and rival companies were caught napping and had to scramble to catch up.

The 1962 models had a new, slimmer ‘TorqueFlite A727’ automatic transmission which allowed a smaller transmission ‘hump’ in the floor This provided greater comfort for middle front-seat passengers. In addition, the inclusion of a stand-up hood ornament was the first of its kind in this model year. Freestanding headlights and a huge “vee” shaped grill with acres of chrome dominated the car’s face.

The production of the 1962 Imperial only totalled 14,787 and the two-door hardtop ‘Crown’ was even rarer, with a total production of only 1,010.


A fantastic example of the Imperial brand, this extremely rare 1962 Chrysler Imperial Crown two-door hardtop is in wonderful condition.

Originally from California where it was a one-owner car, the vehicle was privately imported to Australia in 2007 and has had two Aussie owners in this country.

In 2007 a meticulous and careful restoration was undertaken to maintain the vehicle as close to original specification as possible. Since that time, the car has remained dry and rust-free.

Of the 1,010 produced, it is believed there are less than 20 known survivors globally. This is the only known example of the Imperial Crown two-door hardtop in Australia.

In 2015 the car had a bare metal respray in Dove Grey (original colour) and complemented by its stunning chrome trim and split front-grill, the vehicle is an immediate head-turner. Everything from the distinct eagle stand-up hood ornament to the impressive free-standing ‘gunsight’ taillights really sets the car apart and it absolutely exudes class.

The interior is in excellent condition, presenting with a stylish Pink Cloth trim accented with high-grade leather. Every detail within boasts luxury and opulence for 1962 – a six-way power seat, air-foam padded seat cushions, variable speed windshield wipers, an electric clock, front and rear air-conditioning, three cigarette lighters, electric windows, mirrors and a step on parking brake were innovations and way ahead of their time.

The interior lighting is elegant and is actuated by the front and rear doors. The instrument panel boasts electroluminescent lighting as well.

Other features include a map-light, hand-brake warning signal, vanity mirror, carpeted floor coverings and a functioning electric ariel.

Sporting a 413 ci (6.8L) ‘Wedge’ V8 engine coupled to the 3-speed TorqueFlite A727 automatic transmission, this Imperial Crown is every bit the luxury ride you would expect from a car of this marque.

The following work has been undertaken: the heads were removed and rebuilt as close to standard as possible with gaskets and valley cover replaced circa 18 months ago. The engine was compression tested and found to have over 160 in each cylinder. The carburettor has been stripped and rebuilt to standard specifications circa 12 months ago and the car was dyno tuned. There is a new starter motor, alternator and oil pump and a new radiator and cooling system. The steering box has been removed, refurbished and replaced. The brakes were rebuilt in 2018.

Equipped with constant-control power steering and total contact power-brakes, alongside independent front suspension with torsion bars and built in cruise control, this car was built for comfort and style.

Modern additions include an alarm, immobiliser, central locking system and remote truck release.

A truly beautiful and extremely rare find – the height of luxury in 1962.

Currently on club registration in South Australia.


BODY: Coupe

ENGINE: 413ci V8 Wedge 


TRANSMISSION: 3-Speed TorqueFlite A727 Push Button

BRAKES: Drum Brakes

PAINT: Dove Grey

TRIM: Pink Cloth 

VIN: 9123219643

CONDITION: Excellent

MILEAGE: 12,365 miles