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1981 YAMAHA XV1000 TR1



In 1981 Yamaha introduced their XV-range motorcycles, which were all based around an air-cooled V-twin engine. Their most notable model was the Virago cruiser, however a bit more anonymous was the TR1, which was designed as more of a grand touring machine rather than a racer.

Sold in various displacement forms ranging from 535cc to 1100cc, the XV models were primarily aimed at buyers from the USA and Europe, especially those that weren’t interested in the in-line four Japanese motorcycles of that time.

Over time the XV range of motorcycles have become cult classics and are highly sought after as base bikes for custom builders, particularly due to their narrow frame, short wheelbase, easy to work on engine and Japanese build quality.


A fully restored custom example of the TR1 featuring an impressive finish in black and blue.

The bike is comfortable to ride with great torque and handles beautifully in big sweeping corners.

The 4-stroke V-twin engine is smooth and powerful, attached to a pressed steel spine frame and sporting an enclosed chain drive for extended life.


BODY: Solo

ENGINE: 981cc Four-stroke 75° V-twin

FUEL DELIVERY SYSTEM: 2x Hitachi Carburettor


BRAKES:  2x 267mm Disc, 2 piston calipers (Front) Drum (Rear)

PAINT:  Black & Blue

TRIM: Black

VIN:  5K8-000438

CONDITION: Excellent

MILEAGE: 31,724 kms