1946 CHIEF



The Indian Chief is a motorcycle that was built by the Hendee Manufacturing Company and the subsequent Indian Motorcycle Company from 1922 to the end of the company's production in 1953.

The Chief was Indian's "big twin", a larger, more powerful motorcycle than the more agile Scout used in competition and sport riding.

The now-legendary V-twin 1946 Indian Chief motorcycle emerged as Indian's flagship model after World War II and the popular design relegated the American company's four-cylinder and smaller V-twin models to history.

The 1946 model was similar to pre-war big Indians; the engine remained a 74-cubic-inch flathead and tank graphics were unchanged. As always, "Indian Red" was a popular colour choice however owners could order a Chief in any Dupont colour they liked. Two-tone finishes were also available.

New for the 1946 Chief motorcycle was girder-style could-spring forks adopted from Indian's radical 841 model that had been designed for desert use by the U.S. military during the war.

Production of Indian motorcycles ended with the last Chief made in 1953.


Indian’s first and only production model after World War II.

Finished in sparkling Seafoam Blue this 1946 Indian Chief  has its original, legendary 1,205cc V-Twin 74ci flat head engine and three speed gearbox.

This is a number’s matching bike with the engine number matching the frame number.

The bike sports girder-style spring forks which provided more wheel travel (5 inches) than pre-war models, coupled with rear plunger suspension on soft springs. The suspension setup was legendary at the time and earned this model the title of the "world’s most comfortable touring bike".

Wearing white wall tyres she has a Corbin speedometer and retains her original 6-volt power setup with battery and coil ignition.

This bike also has a locking toolbox and front crash bars.

A superbly clean example, she starts, runs and stops easily.

A extremely sought after Indian motorcycle.



BODY:   Solo

ENGINE:  1,205 cc V-Twin 


TRANSMISSION:  3 Speed Manual

FORK:  Girder-Style Spring Fork

PAINT:   Seafoam Blue



CONDITION:   Immaculate, Number's Matching